Pola Rapaport is an independent filmmaker and editor living in New York.

Her work includes BORN TO FLY: NADIA COMANECI (work-in-progress); SUBWAY: THE MUSICAL (work-in-progress); HAIR: LET THE SUN SHINE IN, a celebration of the musical HAIR; WRITER OF O, a docudrama about the secretive author of the erotic novel Story of O (Grand Prix Urti); FAMILY SECRET, the story of the discovery of her long-lost secret Romanian brother (Grand Prix SCAM, France; BLIND LIGHT docudrama starring Edie Falco; and BROKEN MEAT, portrait of the mad poet Alan Granville. She has been a Guggenheim Fellow and a fellow of the NY Foundation for the Arts. 

She has edited many award-winning documentaries and is the founder of a workshop incorporating Gestalt psychotherapy techniques for creative people.