THE breaking through barriers workshop

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In addition to her film work, Rapaport has founded an on-going workshop for creative people, incorporating Gestalt therapy techniques.

Over the last 7 years, the workshop has welcomed filmmakers, actors, artists, producers, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, and therapists.
It has been held privately in New York City and in the Hamptons, as a public offering of the Hampton Bays Public Library.  

The workshop uses Gestalt-based techniques to deepen creative work and overcome blocks.
Participants work experientially on confronting people and situations from their past and current lives to move beyond obstacles to reach their creative expression. The workshop includes group contact and awareness exercises, one-to one creative awakening, Gestalt "empty-chair" techniques, and integrative meditation in a safe setting.  


One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. The participants were brilliant and amazing. - R.C., psychotherapist, film producer 

Fascinating, revealing, holy. - C.M., filmmaker

Very strong. You created a spaciousness where we could each open into the work we needed to do. - T.C., therapist

Powerful. You were awesome. A flashpoint for change.  - A.H., filmmaker

This was amazing. The Gestalt process is transformative. By sitting in different chairs as different parts of myself, I became whole and grounded. - D.N., body-worker

I loved the workshop. I think you were an amazing group leader. So was your awareness in sensing what people needed. -P.G., artist, therapist

I love the process work. I definitely opened up the part of me that craves authenticity, passion, truth-seeking and self-expression. I really enjoyed witnessing others work as well.  Really enjoyed it immensely, opened up a lot!  - L.B., coach

The clarity of purpose and the ability to create a safe space immediately. The frankness, and, on the whole, lack of self-consciousness of the participants and the fact that I could easily identify with each person. The journey that I embarked on so swiftly with Pola and the lucidness and intensity of same. -  M.R. singer, writer

Great leadership. Very supportive and empathetic. - E.K., psychotherapist, writer


WORKSHOP LEADER: Pola Rapaport completed training in Gestalt Therapy techniques at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy in New York.